Top 5 Things to Disprove 24option Scam


  1. One of the things that would disprove this ongoing 24option scam is that 24option itself has been around since 2009. If a trading broker site is a scam then should it be that it would only last for a few months only or a year? But come on; think about it, this broker has already been around since 2009. Do you really think that a scam would last for around 7 years? Come on, and pick your brains up. Being around for so long would mean that they are experienced and experts in the field of trading market.
  1. When it comes to issues when you are withdrawing your earnings, the scam thing might be caused by this withdrawing thing that some people are saying that it does not allow them to withdraw their earnings but actually, the site is following regular standards before you can withdraw. It is not just you who is asked to follow regulated rules and procedures in withdrawing your earnings. The broker is actually doing it for safety purposes and that is also why you cannot change the currency that you will choose for your account once you start trading. The withdrawal procedures would usually ask you to provide some document to make sure that you are the same person who opened the account, who paid for the deposit, and maintained the account and that is why you would need to provide some valid identification like identification cards, and also the card that you used to pay, showing only the last four digits of it.
  1. Another thing to think about the 24option scam is that 24option itself is actually a regulated broker by CySEC which stands for Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, meaning that they are regularly monitored by the agency. That is why it is impossible for them to be a scam. Though it does not mean that if a broker is regulated, it is already legit. It needs to be regulated by this agency because it would mean that the broker is above standard in doing trades and they are also being monitored by the agency from time to time.
  1. Also, another thing is that the broker site itself is protected with SSL, meaning that their site is impossible for hacking purposes mainly because it is a secured site. Also, aside from being a secured site, they also have other safety and security measures so that it will be impossible for virtual attacks as well like from their competitors.

  1. And lastly, 24option has already a lot of reviews and scam tests that were conducted since it started which means that it is impossible for the broker site to be a scam. The scam tests that were conducted had tested the deposit and withdrawal processes of your earnings to check if there are any issues or loopholes for scam within the system. The most evident thing that you can have to disprove 24option scam is that the site is still present, up and running, and still on top of the industry which means that they are one of the most trusted binary options brokers.