What is Binary Option Robot?

binary-1373931Before knowing the binary option robot, it is essential to identify and be familiar first about binary option. So what exactly is binary option? It is a kind of financial option in which the expected payoff could be a flat monetary amount or none at all. Binary option is being used in theoretical framework as a reference in financial derivatives and asset pricing. However there are scammers that are taking advantage of it and use it on fraudulent operations. This means you need to be extra careful and also be more familiar on how it works to avoid any scam or fraud when it comes to entering the binary option.

There are two main forms of binary option, and these are asset or nothing and cash or nothing binary options. Cash or nothing pays a fixed cash amount when the option will expire involving money. Asset or nothing will pay the price of principal security. They can be also called the all or nothing option or the digital options. These two forms of binary option are still both involving payoff.

How about the binary option robot? Binary option robot is the trading software that is being used for binary options. This includes automatic system for trading that will generate signal and execute the trade automatically. Choosing the best binary option robot is significant for you to lessen the risk that is associated with the binary options trading. In reference to best binary option robot, you can visit the website http://top10binarydemo.com/ for more details that you should know about this binary trading software.

Learning more about binary option is important, this is an all out or nothing option so you need to choose the best binary option robot that can help you out in determining when to place your trade. There is demo that you can sign up to practice and to know gradually the process of binary option and it can be free or paid depending on the trader you are going to deal with. But as reference, what the binary option robot will do is to analyze the movement in the market in a real time method and calculate the values of each of the trading indicators.

After analyzing the movement in the market the indicators will give automatic trading signals into call or put. The binary option robot then executes right away the trade on the binary option broker that will follow the signal and trading system. The bottom line is the best binary option robot is helpful in placing the call or put when the indicators are working.

The binary option robot in short is also like a robot that will do the work for you, to make profit. It has a percentage that will surely win your trade. Some of these are offering the use of the binary option robot that you do not need any prior knowledge. You just need to be careful in choosing the binary option robot so you would not regret any amount that you will put to this.


4 Advantages of Binary Trading System You Should Know


  1. The first on this list and actually in any other list of advantages about the binary trading system is that it is safe and very easy to use. One thing why there are a lot of newbie traders that would oftentimes choose binary trading system is because it is not only easy to use but it is also kind of a safe system to invest in online for trading. First is it is easy to use because you just need understand the logic behind predicting when would be the time when you will be able to get a high profit and low profit in the trading market due to the changing market condition as well, though there are already binary robot software which you can find at http://top10binarydemo.com/ that will analyze and do it for you, that is why it is very easy to trade using binary trading. Second is that it is safe because this system will allow you to customize your investments like you can adjust or if in the event that you will lose, then you will only lose the money that you place as an investment and not the whole amount of money in your account.
  2. Now another advantage that you can get is that it has short to no contracts because you will just be able to trade within 60 seconds as the shortest time and if you will lose, you will also have enough time to recover if in the event that you will lose because there is definitely short to no contract because it will just up to you if how long you will stay doing it. Also, with such system and binary robot software, it will allow you to decide when you will be turning it off, which means that even if you are not online or paying closely attention to it from minute to minute, you will still be able to gain profit, literally even while you are sleeping, the robot will trade on your behalf, that is the beauty of using automated software, you still have a control over a robot that is doing the trading for you.
  1. Then when you are using binary trade system, one of the great advantages of this system is that you can invest as little as $5 in some broker sites and as high as $250 as your deposit but it will mainly depend of which trusted broker site you will register. This is why you need to be cautious when choosing a binary option broker because you will be investing your money no matter how small it is.

  1. And then one of the best advantages when you are into binary trading system that you will get is that it saves you a lot of time while trading and the best part is that you can do it anytime, anywhere which means that you can do it at home or anywhere that you have internet connection when you want to access it. Now it actually saves you a lot of time because it will just base on how many minutes or hours you will spend in trading since you can already earn a profit, as fast as 60 seconds if you will win.

Things to Consider When Getting Binary Trading Software

coding-699318(1)The first thing that you need to consider when getting binary trading software is that it is for free.  When you are asked to pay for it that should ring the alarm. The only thing or time that you need to cash out is when you are depositing for your investment and definitely not to use or download such trading software. So when you come across certain trading software then you should go away and search for another trading software that is trusted and would not ask you to pay for using such trading software.

Another thing that you need to consider is if the software is already tested and proven like it should be accessible or trusted by 24option or trusted by any other widely known binary options brokers. This should be one of your tell tale signs that you need to consider when you are getting binary trading software because it is your hard earned money that is at risk therefore you should be really cautious in dealing with it, most especially when getting a trading software.

When getting such software, you should also take a look at the website design of the software or as well as the interface meaning how easy it is to use and it has a decent web design, it should not look like a project of a high school student who just learned how to create a web design, where it would look really sketchy which would give your confusions. Take note that understanding is something that you need to learn, therefore it would already give you confusions at first the how much more if the design of the software makes you confuse, it would just result to having lot of losses which you do not want to happen that is why it is best to choose the one that is has a great web design and easy interface.

When getting a binary trading software, you should also make sure that the software will be able you to customize its features and it is highly visible which means that you can see it immediately once you have logged in to the software. One of the most common feature that you should be looking for when choosing a trading software is that you are able to customize or adjust how much is the maximum loss you can afford per day. In that way you will be able to recover from your other losses.

And then, another thing or feature actually that you need to consider when choosing binary trading software is that the history of the trades of the software itself should also be present in such software because since the software is earning then the history should be visible for you to know that they are legit and it would also let the users know where did the earnings came from. Transparency is also a thing that you need to consider.


Can You Use a Demo Account With Auto Trading Software?

bookkeeping-615384This is the broker’s side of things, not the auto trading software’s. But this is not to say that you can’t use the demo accounts with the software. As long as the during sign up, you can find the broker’s name in the list that it supports, you are able to access the demo account with the software. If you think that demo accounts are not real, check out the site www.top10binarydemo.com to get more information out of it.

Why Use Demo Accounts?

The purpose of the demo accounts is about how you can take a look at the broker’s platform without losing too much of your money. Keep in mind that not all brokers offer the demo account system. There are only a handful of them, but you get to enjoy a free use of the account for at least a month. In that span of time, you get to see how the platform works and how comfortable you are working with them. A lot of traders did this when they are out looking for a broker to make business with, and it helped them a lot to find the right broker for them.

In order to get a demo account, usually you need to sign up and deposit a minimum of $250 into your account. You might be wondering why you need to deposit money into an account that is offered for free. Well, at this moment you won’t be touching the money at all since you are using a demo account. When you sign up, the same way can be done when you use the auto trading software. It will be easier for you to go through the broker’s platform first before you move on to the software. This is so you will get to see how you can work with the broker if it is to your liking or not. If it doesn’t, you can still get your deposit back in its full amount. That is how demo accounts work.

Just like it is said before, the demo accounts are usually offered for a month at maximum. After that, you will be asked whether you want to continue trading with them, but this time with your money. It will be up to you to continue working with the broker, or leave and look for another one that may please you. There are a lot of traders that got fed up with the platform in just a single day. They withdraw all their money and then move on to another broker that they think will give them all that they want.

Just make sure that you take your time to understand the platform that the broker uses. You might even want to integrate the demo account with your auto trading software to see if it works.


Top 5 Things to Disprove 24option Scam


  1. One of the things that would disprove this ongoing 24option scam is that 24option itself has been around since 2009. If a trading broker site is a scam then should it be that it would only last for a few months only or a year? But come on; think about it, this broker has already been around since 2009. Do you really think that a scam would last for around 7 years? Come on, and pick your brains up. Being around for so long would mean that they are experienced and experts in the field of trading market.
  1. When it comes to issues when you are withdrawing your earnings, the scam thing might be caused by this withdrawing thing that some people are saying that it does not allow them to withdraw their earnings but actually, the site is following regular standards before you can withdraw. It is not just you who is asked to follow regulated rules and procedures in withdrawing your earnings. The broker is actually doing it for safety purposes and that is also why you cannot change the currency that you will choose for your account once you start trading. The withdrawal procedures would usually ask you to provide some document to make sure that you are the same person who opened the account, who paid for the deposit, and maintained the account and that is why you would need to provide some valid identification like identification cards, and also the card that you used to pay, showing only the last four digits of it.
  1. Another thing to think about the 24option scam is that 24option itself is actually a regulated broker by CySEC which stands for Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, meaning that they are regularly monitored by the agency. That is why it is impossible for them to be a scam. Though it does not mean that if a broker is regulated, it is already legit. It needs to be regulated by this agency because it would mean that the broker is above standard in doing trades and they are also being monitored by the agency from time to time.
  1. Also, another thing is that the broker site itself is protected with SSL, meaning that their site is impossible for hacking purposes mainly because it is a secured site. Also, aside from being a secured site, they also have other safety and security measures so that it will be impossible for virtual attacks as well like from their competitors.

  1. And lastly, 24option has already a lot of reviews and scam tests that were conducted since it started which means that it is impossible for the broker site to be a scam. The scam tests that were conducted had tested the deposit and withdrawal processes of your earnings to check if there are any issues or loopholes for scam within the system. The most evident thing that you can have to disprove 24option scam is that the site is still present, up and running, and still on top of the industry which means that they are one of the most trusted binary options brokers.